Christian School and Homeschool Exchange

Our Mission Statement

The Christian School and Homeschool Exchange is a confederation of Christian Schools and Homeschools united by a common interest in achieving the following goals:

  1. The sharing of curriculum, instructional methods, ideas and aspirations.

  2. The building of a permanent online library for curriculum, instructional methods, management techniques, and observational research.

  3. The establishment of a recognized and highly respected diploma program for Christin classical schools and homeschools.

  4. The development and offering of online skill-building workshops and Group study and sharing opportunities for parents and teachers

  5. The recognition of exemplary programs, exemplary homeschools, Christian classical schools, and parents, teachers and students.

  6. To gain international respect for the Christian classical schools.

  7. To advance the recognition, chartering and funding of Christian charter schools and/or cooperative homeschool instructional centers and related programs.  


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